Dental Fillings for Cavities

If you have been told you have a cavity, you probably also know you need a filling. Cavities are not the only reason that fillings are prescribed, however. A dental filling may also be needed to repair a small crack or fracture, to reduce sensitivity, to remove stain or defects, or to replace an older filling that may be failing.

Fillings are most commonly done in one appointment. However, if you need fillings in several areas of your mouth, this may require additional visits.

At Roosevelt Dental Center of Skagit County, we most commonly use composite, or tooth colored, fillings. Other materials exist and are needed in certain situations depending on location, size, and other biologic factors.

Goals of fillings:

  • Remove any decayed, diseased, broken or fracturing structures
  • Repair any damage that occurred
  • Replicate a form that will function properly with your bite

During your filling appointment, the appropriate area will be numbed using a local anesthetic. The tooth or teeth are prepared by using the “drill.” It is important to keep your teeth dry while placing composite fillings. We have several different methods that can be used to isolate the teeth away from your saliva. Your fillings are placed using a layering technique, during which you will notice us using the “blue light” that hardens the material. After checking your bite and polishing your new fillings, you can use them to eat as soon as you’re ready. Just be careful not to bite any numb tissues!