Family Dentistry

A dental office that provides family dentistry is one that can accommodate all members of your family, no matter their age. At Roosevelt Dental Center of Skagit County, we promote oral health through all phases of life.

A common question we hear is “When should I bring my baby in for his/her first check up?” The answer is: within six months of the first tooth erupting. During this initial visit, the doctor will perform an exam, talk about fluoride, discuss recommendations for caring for your child’s teeth, what to expect with teething, and answer any other questions you may have. Bringing your child into the dental office early and regularly helps to familiarize them with the dental setting, and helps us to avert any potential dental problems in the future.

As your child grows, we will continue to see him or her, generally twice a year. We help to instill the importance of proper oral hygiene habits in terms they can understand. With regular visits, we can help to prevent dental disease. This is also a time that we use to help identify children who may need to see an orthodontist.

For adults, regular dental care is also recommended. Routine cleanings, radiographs, and examinations are of paramount importance in maintaining optimum oral health. Using these tools, detecting small problem areas becomes much easier and thus leads to more conservative treatments.

Throughout adulthood, we focus on maintaining the health and functionality of your mouth, but esthetics can also be improved if you desire. There are many treatments available including whitening, veneers, orthodontics, that can make you more confident in displaying your beautiful smile!

No matter your age, there is a place for you at our office. Take “Make a Dental Appointment” off of your To-Do list, and give us a call today!

Digital X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays are a great advancement in the world of radiology. Utilizing digital sensors that generate a picture of your teeth instantly on a computer screen also delivers a fraction of the radiation of traditional x-rays. Since we are committed to your safety and health, we take all images of your teeth using this technology.