Emergency Appointments

One never plans on a dental emergency, that’s why, when it happens, it can be very worrisome. From chipped teeth to sudden swelling and pain, we understand that these things are not planned!

What is an emergency dental appointment?

An emergency appointment is usually scheduled if a patient has a tooth ache, a broken tooth, a jaw problem, or a sore in their mouth that isn’t healing. Emergency appointments are dedicated to focusing on one problem area and creating a plan of how to fix it.

A common dental emergency for children is due to trauma. This usually means an avulsed, or loss of, a permanent tooth, a chip or fracture of front teeth, and tissue lacerations or bruises as a result of the trauma. **Please note: if your child loses a permanent front tooth due to trauma DO NOT TOUCH THE ROOT. Please handle it by only the crown, or portion that we see normally, place it in a cup of milk, and call us immediately.**

At Roosevelt Dental Center of Skagit County, we will make every effort to accommodate our patients with an emergency dental need in a timely manner. While we are often able to correct the emergency in our office, it is possible that you may need to see another specialist for a final treatment outcome. In these cases, you will be given a prompt referral to the specialist who meets your needs.